Global Wood Products Industry




AGENDA offers the following core services:

  • Strategy review and development
  • Market research and analysis of trends
  • Product opportunity assessment
  • Production cost comparisons
  • Seminars / presentations
  • Geographies; Europe incl. Russia, North America and Japan, but also regions such as China/Asia, South America and Oceania.
  • Products;
    • Wood products, i.e. lumber, panels, engineered wood products and their downstream products such as joinery, furniture, building components etc.
    • Forest resources, i.e. Softwood and Hardwood split on assortments answering questions such as What?, Where?, Availability near term and long term?, Obstacles to achieve harvest potential?
    • Bio-energy, with focus on wood pellets / briquettes.


Henric Endoff has more than 30 years experience of the business. After graduation in the late 80's from the Royal Swedish University of Agriculture with M.Sc. major in Forest products marketing, he joined a Swedish wood products consulting firm. In 1995; Henric moved to Seattle and established and ran successfully the company's North American office, before returning in 2001 as Managing Director for the parent company. Established AGENDA in 2005.

Henric has a significant track record in providing consulting services for most of the major wood products industry players in Europe and North America, covering a broad range of global topics and geographies, whilst maintaining and building a rich information and contact network at all levels.

References available on request.
About us

About us

We are an independent company fully committed and dedicated to help our clients achieve exceptional results in the Global Wood Products Industry through tailor-made consulting and advisory services.

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